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  • Coursing Ability Tests
    Lure coursing allows enthusiasts to test their dog's natural ability to chase prey by allowing the dog to chase an artificial lure across a field. The lure is usually a plastic bag called a "bunny" that moves across the field at speeds up to 50 mph. ...see more

  • A Day At The Races
    I recently attended my first Coursing Ability Test. This was not my first time coursing since our local breed club sponsors an annual event with just-for-fun lure coursing. I knew coursing could be hit or miss with Cresteds. Like everything else, you just never know what they will do....see more

  • Gypsy's Dog
    In the 1930s during the Great Depression, any sort of entertainment that offered a distraction from the grim realities of life was welcome. For the people of New York City, hard hit by the stock market crash in 1929, Minsky's Burlesque offered a rare form of escapism as few could afford to attend expensive Broadway shows yet many craved entertainment. For several years during the depths of the depression, the star performer at Minsky's was the famed stripper Gypsy Rose Lee....see more

  • Ziggy Zags His Way to Another Title
    Ziggy the dog ran, jumped and dodged his way to victory Sunday during the American Kennel Club Agility Invitational in Florida. The Chinese crested pooch won his height category in the invitational, part of the prestigious AKC/Eukanuba National Championship, for the second year in a row with help from his owner and handler, Estelle Robinson....see more