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AKC Dog Shows

Dog shows are a great place to meet local Crested fanciers and watch the breed compete in Performance and Conformation events.

Check the AKC Events Calendar to find shows in your area.

Looking for a puppy or adult dog? Your best bet is to contact a breeder in your area. Each member of the American Chinese Crested club, Inc, will consider the best interest of the breed when engaged in any activities involving breeding, selling and exhibiting Chinese Cresteds and will refrain from any activities which could prove detrimental to the Breed and this Club. All members of the American Chinese Crested Club have signed the ACCC Code of Ethics (pdf)

Visit our Breeder's Directory to find a breeder in your area.

One of these AKC Recognized Chinese Crested clubs may have a member with a companion available.

*Club is ACCC Acknowledge but not yet AKC Recognized

Upon receipt of an email asking for assistance from a shelter, owner surrender, a potential adopter looking for a rescue dog, etc., the ACCC Rescue Coordinator will respond, asking the appropriate questions to determine how she may be of assistance. She will then network the request for assistance and hopefully find a rescue to bring the Chinese Crested Dog into their care or refer a potential adopter to a rescue with an available Chinese Crested for placement.

Contact the ACCC Rescue Coordinator: Marlene Ponder