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Our goal is to encourage and promote the responsible breeding of pure-bred Chinese Cresteds and to do all possible to bring their natural qualities to perfection, in accordance with the standards for the breed. To do all in our power to protect and advance the interests of the breed and to encourage sportsmanlike competition at dog shows, obedience trials and other events.

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The Chinese Crested was in the Miscellaneous Class of the American Kennel Club in 1955 when the first breed list was printed in the American Kennel Club Dog Show Rules. The revised list in 1965 dropped the Chinese Crested due to lack of an acceptable registry, no National Specialty Club or reliable standard. At the time there were 200 Chinese Cresteds registered.

Ardent friends and supporters of the breed formed the American Chinese Crested Club in 1979. A reliable Standard was developed as well as a dependable Registry. Through intense work and commitment to the breed by the membership of the American Chinese Crested Club, the Chinese Cresteds were once again able to compete in the Miscellaneous Class at American Kennel Club shows starting in September 1985. Chinese Cresteds were officially accepted into the Toy Group 1991.

General management of the American Chinese Crested Club is entrusted to the Board of Directors whom are elected to serve two year terms at the club's Annual Meeting.

President: Karen Cooper (
(term 2016 - 2018) 541-899-8320
Vice President: Thomas Frampton (
(term 2017 - 2019) 336-697-1111
Corresponding Secretary: Kathy Nusz (
(term 2016 - 2018) 405-350-0109
Recording Secretary: Shirley Frumkin (
(term 2017 - 2019) 818-370-5968
Treasurer: Virginia Dorris (
(term 2017 - 2019) 941-920-9292
Board Members: Patti Buckelew (
(term 2016 - 2018) 909-590-3436
Joyce Enlow (
(term 2016 - 2018) 662-862-4363
Jo Ellen Gruyters (
(term 2015 - 2017) 561-352-7111
Rachel Morris (
(term 2016 - 2018) 360-740-4324
Carol Clouse (
(term 2017 - 2019) 615-584-0563
Lara Hill (
(term 2016 - 2018) 704-828-1018

The Board appoints standing committees to advance the work of the Club. There are many hard working members that make our club a success. The American Chinese Crested Club is always looking for members that can help our club grow and improve. Even the smallest contributions can make a big difference. If you are interested in serving on a committee or working with the club, please contact the Committee Chair or a member of the ACCC Board of Directors.

AKC Delegate: Marilyn Currey (
AKC Gazette Columnist: Sue Klinckhardt-Gardner (
Breeder Referral: Sharon McCadam (
By-Laws: Karen Cooper ( Chair
Shawn Clute (
Bev Ferris (
Shirley Frumkin (
Sharon McCadam (
Facebook Admin: Bev Ferris (
Hall of Fame (Agility): PattyWeideman (
Hall of Fame (Conformation): Jennifer Young-Johnson (
Health & Genetics: Bev Ferris ( Chair
Shirley Frumkin (
Jo Ellen Gruyters (
Susan Cicone (
Wendy Ryan, DVM (
Historian: Sharon McCadam (
Judge's Education: Carolyn Strunge ( Chair
Arlene Butterklee (
Karen Cooper (
Penelope C. Inan (
Sharon McCadam (
Junior Showmanship: Heather Lindberg (
Legislative Liaison: Joyce Enlow (
Membership Committee: Kathy Nusz (
Sharon McCadam (
Laurie Walker (
Public Education Committee: Patti Buckelew ( Chair
Victor Helu ( Westminster Meet The Breed
Regional Club Liaison: Patti Buckelew (
Rescue Liaison: Marlene Ponder (
Sunshine: Janice Buttler (
Top Twenty Gala: Lara Hill (
Versatility: Thomas Frampton(
Positions To Be Determined: Fundraising
Hall of Fame (Obedience)
Judge's Selection
Meet The Breeds Eukanuba
Membership Committee Chair
USPS Mailing Committee
Website Admin

Membership is open to all persons eighteen years of age and older who are in good standing with the American Kennel Club and who subscribe to the purposes of this Club.

Download ACCC Membership Application and Code of Ethics (pdf)

This document describes the club's objectives and the rules for operation.

Download the ACCC Constitution & ByLaws (pdf)

Each member of the American Chinese Crested club, Inc, will consider the best interest of the breed when engaged in any activities involving breeding, selling and exhibiting Chinese Cresteds and will refrain from any activities which could prove detrimental to the Breed and this Club.

Download the ACCC Code of Ethics (pdf)

Are you looking for Chinese Crested? All members of the American Chinese Crested Club must sign a copy of the ACCC Code of Ethics. Our breeder's directory may help you find a responsible breeder in your area.

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